Lulu is a silver dapple mini horse mare standing at 38 inches. She was foaled in approximately 2003. She is blind in one eye and has had some molars pulled due to outward growth. She is lead line broke and learning some ground rules. She went with Star in the same foster to adopt home! Double YAY!

Reya is the daughter of Princess Leia and was foaled here at Resthaven on May 10, 2016. She is not old enough to ride and we will not know her mature height for awhile. Keep watch as this little girl grows up! She is getting well loved and socialized by all! Small amounts of training are being added to the love.

Chewbacca, aka Chewy, is  chestnut mini horse gelding foaled in 2012. He stands 34 inches tall and is already lead line broke and is now learning to ride. December 2016: Chewy is now in a "foster-to-adopt" home! We will be following his progress closely.

Hans is a silver dapple pony gelding standing at 40 inches tall. His age is estimated to be in the upper teens. (approx foaling 2000?) He is broke to ride and kid safe. Hans was adopted and will be the teaching pony for a four year old!

Princess Leia is a strawberry roan pony mare standing at 40 inches tall and was foaled approximately 2006. She came to us with severe laminitis and must wear boots and receive butte daily. It is likely she will be a sanctuary animal unless some kind soul comes along willing take on her special needs...She gifted us with sweet baby Reya in May!

Starbaby is a silver dapple mini horse mare standing at 36 inches tall. She was foaled in approximately 2005. She came to us with a ruptured eye. The eye was surgically removed and she is now doing well. She is lead line broke and learning some ground rules. She is now in a foster to adopt home! YAY!

Erika is a black Jenny (female) mini mule standing at about 42 inches tall. Unable to determine an approximate age, we only know that she's aged. She requires senior feed as she is unable to eat hay due to teeth problems. Neigh lox is also required with every feeding due to past ulcers. She came to us in rough shape from an owner who tried to help her, but was making no progress. After some vetting and a little of our own sleuthing we discovered that Erika had a bad case of ulcers and an underlying heart condition. When those issues were properly addressed, this little girl's light began to shine! A bright personality began to emerge from this very sorry creature. She's our very own diamond in the rough!

She needed a before and after photo displayed here to depict her blossoming with TLC!

She is unable to be ridden and will likely be a sanctuary animal.

Arlo is a grade quarter horse-type liver chestnut gelding foaled approximately 2004 and standing about 15 hands high. We were told he has been broke to ride, but he exhibited back soreness after riding. Exercise and some treatment and his back has not shown signs of soreness again. He is very gentle and very well mannered. Ground work has started and we are evaluating what he knows and what he needs to learn.

This guy is just so sweet!

Sable is a registered chestnut quarter horse mare foaled in 1990 and standing at approximately 14.3 hands. We were told she was broke to ride, but she needs to gain weight before we will consider riding and evaluating her. Said to have been a 4H horse in the past and kid safe. Missing approximately 1/3 of her tongue, but thankfully that does not seem to affect her. Sable has been evaluated as her weight came up and lameness has disappeared. She demonstrated her talents for caring for children! Sweet and caring as can be, walking out and moving at the direction of the children who rode her, Sable has proven to be a diamond in the rough!

Coco is a brown registered quarter horse mare foaled in 1999 and standing at approx 14.1 hands. She is gentle on the ground but is lame on both front legs making it impossible at this time to evaluate her ride. She is said to be broke to ride and was a 4H horse at one time.


"A horse is the projection of peoples' dreams about themselves ~ strong, powerful, beautiful ~ and it has the capability of giving us escape from our mundane existence. with the rare elements of grace, beauty, spirit and freedom."


These horses are like dreams people have given up on and thrown away.

We believe one should never give up on dreams!




Pemberton is a paint type pony standing at 42 inches. He is estimated to have been foaled in 2012. Cute as a button with a personality to match. Everybody loves a little color and this little guy has a colorful coat to match his colorful personality! He came to RHR as an unhandled stallion from a kill pen who had previously been living wild in a cow pasture. One of our fantastic guardian angels is a man named Frank Pemberton who has been a huge supporter of us here at RHR and contributed funds for the care of this little ball of fire who now carries his name! Pemberton has become a happy and socialized gelding who is working diligently on his education. Someday soon this flashy and charming boy can be the eye candy in YOUR pasture -- stay tuned!!

Reya has a playmate!

Kevin was foaled in May 2016, so, like Reya, we will not know his mature height for awhile. Shown here with a larger horse to enable everyone to see his compact cuteness! Enjoy watching this guy, along with Reya, grow and develop for a life they would not have had prior to their rescue.

Spring of 2017 -Kevin is coming along quite well. He is now lead line broke, he is being worked with and getting desensitized to tarps, flags, bags, noise, etc. He is learning to be groomed. It has been quite the feat to get his luscious winter coat off! He lifts all four feet for inspection. These tasks will be continued each week and more will slowly be added so he becomes well adjusted and will make some lucky person a wonderful pony! He is so playful and curious!

This is Kitchi. She stands approx 13hh and was foaled approximately 2008 and is a BLM Mustang. This gorgeous dark bay mare is sweet and gentle to approach. She was rescued along with her daughter Mansi (listed below) from ND with a body score of 2 (starving - had no food and water during the horrible winter!) and in foal. Riding ability will be evaluated once she has foaled and body condition improves.

Update January 2018 - this lucky girl has been adopted!!!!

This is Mansi. She stands about 14hh and was foaled approximately 2010 and is half BLM Mustang as she is Kitchi's daughter.. This gorgeous bay mare is as sweet as can be and gentle. She was rescued along with her mother Kitchi (listed above) from ND with a body score of 2 (both of them were starving - had no food and water during the horrible winter!) and in foal like her mother. Riding ability on her will also be evaluated once she has foaled and her body condition improves.

Mansi was the first of the mares to foal and she blessed us with this beautiful buckskin colt on April 17, 2017

Everyone has fallen in love with this sturdy little guy and rightly so!

Watch to see if he lives up to his given name of Stetson!

Kitchi foaled on June 11th, 2017 blessing us with a pretty little bay filly! Named Giselle for those beautiful long legs and feminine face, she is friendly and alert and playful.

All for the love of a horse...

here they are!

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