Here is just a small insight and  overview of what some costs are and what your donations would help pay for:

  • $5.00 buys one horse hay for a day.

  • $36.00 buys a 50# bag of ration balancer feed that will feed one horse for 100 days.

  • $19.35 pays for a 50# bag of senior feed, and an average senior horse will eat approximately 10# per day.

  • $55.00 pays for one hoof trim which each horse requires about 8 times a year.

  • $70 pays for annual vaccines for one horse.

  • $35.00 will pay for one Coggins test.

  • $175 pays for an annual dental care for one horse.


Become part of the solution, consider sponsoring a horse!

Sponsorship will assure finances are available to provide the needed feed and care for your favorite horse! Please contact us for more information.

If You Wish To Donate...


  • You can use the old fashioned method of writing a check and snail mailing it to us at P.O. Box 503 Castle Rock, MN 55010

  • You can go to , follow directions and select Resthaven Horse Rescue as the charity of your choice, then shop as you normally would on Amazon! This is a small amount, but every little bit helps!

  • You can use the PayPal button located at the top left-hand side of each page and at the bottom of pages within our site. You can set up a recurring monthly payment or make a one-time donation.

  • You can click on the link for Assurance Feed ( ) and follow their information to purchase feed directly through Farmers Mill & Elevator ( or call directly 1-800-645-5648 ) and it will be credited to our account.



  • You can attend any (or all!) of our fundraising events and have fun while helping this wonderful cause!

Resthaven Horse Rescue team thanks you from the bottom of their dream filled hearts!

If Dreams Came True....

  • Bobcat or equivalent equipment

Did you know that you can help us each time you shop at Amazon? Yes! You can!


Simply go to:

The AmazonSmile program offers customers a new benefit, making a donation to your favorite charity. They're able to provide this benefit to you when you choose to start your shopping at in part because they expect AmazonSmile to grow primarily through word of mouth instead of paid advertising—and this enables them to fund donations to their customers’ favorite organizations! How cool is that?

The directions on the site are easy to follow:

Just set a bookmark (or manually go to) instead of each and every time!


Type in Resthaven Horse Rescue when prompted on which charity you'd like to help.


Not so difficult, and you would be helping the horses while shopping as you normally would!

Resthaven Horse Rescue Needs You!

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