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Created from the dreams of  people who listened to their hearts....

Resthaven Horse Rescue, located in Cannon Falls, MN was founded in December 2015 by three ordinary horsewomen whose love of horses led them to an extraordinary mission: To turn what some would call ‘worthless’ horses into loved and valued equine partners, to be compassionate champions of neglected and abused horses and to do everything in their power to save as many of these majestic, gentle creatures as humanly possible. They further benefit horses of all shapes and sizes by giving them a second chance at life as well as a future. Their goal is to improve the life of equines by educating, networking and offering assistance to owners, rehabilitating abused and neglected equines, working with law enforcement and most importantly placing them into safe, loving permanent homes where they can live their years in peace while bringing love and companionship to those who care for them.
Resthaven Horse Rescue is a 501-C non profit that survives mainly on donations.

Double D Trailers has kindly written an article for us on their website. It is a wonderful avenue where people can connect with rescues, donate or loan trailers for transportation, make donations, and more!
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